It was time for Pi


It was time for Pi

I like making things and writing code. My last ten years at work have been spent largely confined to a browser. I have stretched my legs in the code department, and made a few cool bits and pieces along the way. It was time for Pi.

The Internet of Things (IoT) has given us a chance to get out of the browser with a familiar toolset. I can use the technologies I know to create new things. They can move and have motors, we can create new and innovative experiences to engage and connect, we can create entirely new channels to customers and sell more products. I’m in.

As the digital department of a full service integrated agency,  it’s important that we have the tools to deliver innovative digital propositions for all our clients.  In almost every sector we work, the IoT has something to bring to the table.

I didn’t know exactly how to approach this brave new world, so we bought some toys as a starter for ten. After a little bit of investigation, it seemed a Raspberry Pi might be the most versatile tool to start connecting things. They are portable, powerful and cheap, with a large community of users and their home-brew projects for inspiration and support.

So we ended up with three Raspberry Pis (I was perhaps a little bit over-excited). For the sum total of 116 pounds including shipping and memory, I was, as they say, giddy like a school girl. Now all we needed was something to do with them… it turns out if you give ten developers some Raspberry Pis, that’s not so much of a problem.

We’re a little bit busy building, soldering, hammering and shouting at inanimate objects right now, but hopefully soon I will be able to show you what we’ve been up to!

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